Kaiser is beat ’em all inspired by Diablo, Bastion and others, with several twists coming for RPGs and roguelites. Follow Nina as she engages in a quest for vengeance, seeking the mysterious Kaiser.


Leading its army of mercenaries across Pangea, a mysterious figure known as the ‘Kaiser’ starts to conquer and unify feudal Duchies. As the Duke D’Omble gets killed in battle, her fierce daughter Nina vows to kill the Kaiser and starts her quest for vengeance. Little did she know that this clever and wealthy character uses decoys and lookalikes to protect his identity…


  • A fresh new tactical and customizable take on Beat’em all Genre
  • Stunning 2D/3D mixed artwork
  • Appealing storyline with semi-procedural progression inspired by the X-COM series
  • Typical A-RPG progression, with 4 skill families to unlock, from Grenadier to Swordsman.
  • Fight against the tyranny and the cleverness of the Kaiser through a mix of procedurally generated and fully designed levels.
  • A very unique unique world inspired by fantasy and WWI aesthetics