About Us

Le Studio des Ténèbres is a french game making collective created by Jérôme Bodin with the will to create great games with great people.

You can check our Discord server here

Jérôme Bodin

I’ve been working on video game development for more than ten years now, and had the chance to get my hand on many areas of it, game design, art, music, programming, etc. I’ve worked on various projects, ranging from tiny flash games made in a month to retail AA games for Nintendo devices. I’m very proud to say I’m able to ship a game on my own as I did with Frost, but I’m also very happy to share the experience of making games with fellow artists.

Frost | Mini GalXy | Slasher

Frédéric Simon

I love crafting visuals for games with a very versatile approach and had the pleasure to do so for 5 years now. Since my beginnings, I’ve always tried to get the most out of my various skills to bring my passion for painted-style games to life. I hope to continue working this way with enthusiastic partners in the future!

Mini GalXy

Antonio de Miguel Conde

Antonio is a concept concept artist, illustrator, and a university professor. He’s originally from Madrid, Spain, and has been living in France for six years now. He has worked in video games, physical card games, and comics, the latest being the first issue of the Spider-Verse comic.