Mini Gal4Xy



Mini Gal4Xy is a light strategy game set in space. We took all the parts of the ‘4X’ genre that we love, then tried to make them more accessible. It’s easy to use, open to everyone, but will also scratch that itch for 4X fans.


  • A new galaxy is procedurally generated every time you start a game
  • Set your foot on more than 30 different kinds of planets
  • Customize your galaxy generation


  • A synthetic and simple set of 3 different resources: Population, Science and Material
  • Use your Population to colonize new worlds and improve existing ones
  • Use your Material to build new ships and customize them
  • Use your Science to discovers some of the 38 available Technologies


  • A simple ‘slot system’ allows you slightly customize your planetary incomes
  • Build new constructions to improve your planets
  • You can trade your extra resources for the one you’re missing


  • Simple tactical battle system, with 3 phases
  • Customize your ships to adapt to the enemy
  • Fight one of the 4 enemy factions